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About Me

My Background

Cyaltsa is giving thanks to the Creator, for Water is Life.

I grew up on the Lummi Reservation which is surrounded by the Salish Sea on three sides.  Water is Life: it feeds us, nourishes us, provides for us, connects us in more ways than one, and is a gentle teacher to all of us.  

For this, I am grateful. \o/

My Medium

paint brushes

I use many different mediums, such as:  acrylic, oil, clay, wood, cedar, metal, and sand, among many things.  The possibilities are endless. 

Just like many creative artists, we have many projects going at once, as the creative juices are overflowing.  Painting, weaving, graphic design, videography, photography, and t-shirt screen printing are a few of my favorite mediums.

My Inspiration


The ocean is my inspiration.  The motion of the waves, the rush of the current, and the changes of the tides. For me, the creativity flows in waves, it changes directions and is always in motion.  I find that my inspiration and my creative flow is at it's strongest when I am next to the Sea.

Investing time with loved ones by the ocean is my favorite place to be. ~Cyaltsa

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