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Princess Crochets-A-Lot of Laul Hal Wit Creations

Laul Hal Wit is the mother of Cyaltsa, and has been crocheting most of her life.  Her latest creations have been so popular in these chilly fall days.
Inspired by her favorite animated movies and football team, we have these amazing hats available:

1)  Minion with one or two eyes  $25
2)  Evil Minion (purple one)         $35
3)  Seahawks Mohawk                 $35

Interested in ordering one of these hats, contact:
Marcy "Laul Hal Wit" Lane:  360.319.9776  call/text


TATIANA LANE ~ acrylic painting

Hello my name is Tatiana Lane.  I'm 23 years old and a member of the Lummi Nation. I fell in love with painting because of my father, Lummi Native, Patrick Lane.  I watched and learned from him and now painting is starting to become my passion too.

for more info:Tatiana Lane

Justin Finkbonner ~ photography/prints/carving


Simple Souls Music

Simple Souls holds it down with an acoustic guitar, percussions, 2 vocals and a killer list of songs.  Cyaltsa's favorite band!
located on Oahu, HI

Life Coaching Services

Open Mind Healing~Life Coaching with a TWIST

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