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Creative Cuzzin was founded in 2012, by A. Cyaltsa Finkbonner.  On the uprise as an artist herself, she also thrives to help her other Creative Cuzzins that need assistance in sharing their artwork to the rest of the world.  This is just the beginning of something amazing and the roots are digging deep.  Thank you for being a part in fulfilling the dreams of all our Creative Cuzzins.

I am Cyaltsa (sigh-alt-suh), and I am a Native American of the Lummi Nation in Bellingham,
Washington.  I was born and raised on the beautiful Lummi Reservation, which is palmed
by the ocean that is host to our people’s livelyhood.  My birth name is April A. Finkbonner.
I am 7/8 Lummi Nation, and 1/8 German, hence, the "interesting" last name.
At the age of 17, I was gifted an "Indian Name" in ceremony.  Cyaltsa is a name that was
passed onto me from my ancestors.  Since moving to Hawai'i in the spring of 2011, I've
been introducing myself as, and prefer to be called by my gifted name, Cyaltsa. 
My parents are Marcelline A. Lane, Ron F. Finkbonner Sr., and Larry G. Kinley.  I was
fortunate enough to be raised by a “tribe” of 3 families!  Growing up, I attended schools of
Ferndale, Washington and fished on my dad’s commerical fishing boat during the summer
time.  In my mid 20’s, I moved to the Seattle area, took a welding course, then later joined 
the Seattle Ironworkers, Local 86.  In 2001, I attended the Art Institute of Seattle for
Multimedia, which was the perfect program for me, being that I enjoy photography, 
videography, graphic design, audio, drawing and...PAINTING!

I’ve always had a love for all of the medias of art, but most recently have explored my 
ablilities with painting and metal sculpture.  Being a welder by trade, I’ve learned the magic
that comes with heat and metal...where the possibilities are endless!

I’ve been fortunate to join a union trade that allows me to travel and work in different loca-
tions.  A dream of mine has been to live part-time in Hawaii and in Washington state.  This
has become a true reality!

Exploration and new discoveries have opened up a new world for me.  I’m constantly learn-
ing new teachings, and the ocean can be a gentle teacher.  I’ve learned and practice pati-
ence while keeping an open mind and open heart full of positivity.  “Making dreams become
a reality” is DREALITY.  Anything is possible, and I want to help the world believe that to be
true.  By you reading this at this moment, is all the proof you need.  My hands go up to you.
Hysh’que, Si’am!  Thank you, Respected People.

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